When will my order be Shipped?
The Posing Pod is in stock and ready to ship.
All orders are processed within 2-3 business days.
Orders will be fulfilled in the order on which they were received.

Are the images of the Posing Pod™ shown on this website a composite?
The images used on this website are not a composite. By carefully and properly posing the baby, it is possible not to hold the baby for short periods of time enough to photograph without extra support. In these images the Pod is safely supporting the baby, since babies tend to move and break their poses, just like with many other poses on props, there's always a spotter with hands inches away from the baby.

However, depending on the baby and your posing skills and technique, you might want to hold the baby in key parts and make a simple composite. Please give yourself a chance to get used to posing on the Pod and getting the hang of it. Learning to pose on the Pod is just as with any other pose, you have to practice, practice and practice :)

Do you provide any posing tips with the purchase?
We will soon be posting tips and videos on how to pose babies on the Pod

Are there different pods being used on the reference images?
No, it's always the same pod, however all babies will pose differently and might also make the pod look different depending on baby's proportions. Varying the pod's angle and camera angle will also make it look different from shot to shot.

Does the Posing Pod tip over?
We went through several tests with different shapes, materials, covers and babies and never had the issue of the pod tipping over in any way. The average weight of our testing models was 7 - 10 lbs. This pod is for a single newborn baby only.

How many babies can I fit into one pod?
This pod is for a single newborn baby only. A larger size for twins/larger babies will be available soon.

What's the currency on this store?
All prices are in US$

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We currently offer USPS shipping only and we will be shipping wherever they ship. Buyer is responsible for any additional custom charges.

What is the shipping cost?
We currently offer USPS shipping only. You can estimate shipping charges in your shopping cart after you've added your products. Shipping will be estimated in real time from USPS.

Due to the nature of this product, we don't issue refunds. If the product has a manufacturing defect the original product should be returned to us so we can send a replacement. Return shipping costs will be covered by the costumer. Please make sure to read our Return Policy section.

Returned packages
In the event that a package get returned to us due to failure to signature confirmation and follow up on delivery, applicable custom fees (for international orders), or any other reason, shipping fees will not be refunded. For international order (outside US or Canada), if the package should be sent back, additional shipping charges will be charged.

Is the removable cover machine washable?
Most standard covers are made using fabrics that can be machine washed, however some Limited Edition covers and OOAK (one of a kind) might be made with delicate or kitted fabrics and we recommend to carefully hand wash them.

Are there any other covers available?
We are constantly working on adding new fabrics and rotating our stock. Standard Fabric Covers will be available while supplies last and restocking will depend on supplier's availability.
Premium and OOAK Covers are made in very limited batches, most of the times in quantities of one, but we'll be constantly restocking with new unique and amazing fabrics. New products will be always posted on our Facebook page.

Why Premium and OOAK Covers cost more than the Standard Fabric Covers?
Finding unique fabrics and textures that we can convert into a cover is a little adventure. Usually these fabrics will be more expensive and also may be harder to cut and sew, putting some extra effort when manufacturing it. Then we have to take the time to photograph it (either as a stand alone or in action), post it and promote it, some times for a single sale. This is the reason why getting a OOAK Cover or Premium will make it more expensive.

I want a cover that is one on the reference images
If the cover on any of the reference images is a Premium or OOAK Cover and it's not listed on the corresponding products categories then it's not available any longer. However we'll keep on making new and unique covers so stay tuned so you don't miss them. New products will be always posted on our Facebook page.

Are there matching outfits available?
Matching outfits are not currently available but we will start offering them soon.

Does the Posing Pod™ have any patents or trademarks?
Yes, Posing Pod™ is a trademarked name. The Posing Pod™ design is pending patent under the United States Patent and Trademark Office. No person should ever copy or reproduce the Posing Pod™ core, covers or any related accessories.

Can I copy or reproduce the Posing Pod™, covers or accessories?

Can I make covers and sell them?

Can I resell or distribute the Posing Pod™ or any other accessory available?
No person can resell or distribute the Posing Pod™, Covers or any other accessory without the manufacture's consent. If you're interested in becoming a local retailer or distributor please contact us at info@littleprop.com