Wonder Wrap • Bumble Brown • 3 Pieces Set

Another original prop designed with love. Our Wonder Wrap™ is the perfect mixture between a wrap and a sack.

• No wrapping skills needed!
• With its easy to use pull and tight system, achieve a perfect wrap with a single layer and no over wrapping
• Adjustable to different babies size (newborn age)
• Specially designed to properly and safely hold hands in place (for those tucked in hands poses)
• Provides a gentle and soothing hugging feeling that helps calm the baby
• Use as a base wrap for perfect shape and cover with your favorite wrap or fabric for variety
• Sleepy hat includes our unique pull and crunch system to easily adjust its shape and length

3 Pieces Set Includes:

- One Wonder Wrap (Newborn size)
- One matching sleepy hat
- One matching bonnet hat


How to start with baby on his belly (recommended option)

How to start with baby on his back (alternate option)

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