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Finally! After so many trial and error, I'm so proud of these balls that ended up being so perfect for posing a newborn but also as a very cute toy for older children.

Handcrafted out of natural wool, these balls are just the perfect size and softness. They are soft on purpose so it makes posing easier by not allowing the ball to move once the baby is leaning on it, similar to leaning on a bulky pillow-like support.
Please note that these are handcrafted, artisan items and little perfect imperfections are expected. Each ball is a one of a kind. Size and patterns may vary from pictures.

When using it to pose newborn babies as illustrated in the images, this prop is to be used always as a composite, with the same principle of a froggy pose, where the baby is "holding" the ball and leaning on his hands (see SOOC for reference).

Includes: one ball of your choice.

Returns or refunds not accepted.

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