Posing Doughnuts • Set of 2

No more wiggly head, no more sunk in chin :). Support that head in place and bring that face forward for perfect shots every time.

These doughnut shaped pillows have been specially designed with newborn photography in mind to provide perfect hidden support.

They will raise baby's head to the perfect height while holding it in place. They come in detachable pairs for easy height adjustment.


• Proper head positioning and support
• Upper body raiser
• Lift baby to a perfect height, bring face forward
• Small enough to stay hidden behind baby's head even when there's no blanket on top of it
• Detachable set of 2
• Stackable for height adjustment
• Unnoticeable when shooting from above
• Perfect match to our Posing Lunas

Set includes:

2 doughnut shaped pillows

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