Red Buffalo Plaid • Cover Only • Mini / GRAND
(Posing Pod NOT Included)

Made to perfectly fit the Posing Pod™.
100% removable and washable for proper hygiene.

What's included?
Cover of your choice
(Posing Pod™ core not included)

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Made to fit perfectly the Posing Pod™.
All covers are 100% removable and washable for proper hygiene.
Some covers are machine washable, however some other delicate fabric such as knit or sweater covers shall be hand washed.
For durability and to avoid shrinking please let covers air dry (instead of using the dryer machine)

Why Limited Edition and OOAK Covers cost more than the Standard Fabric Covers?
Finding unique fabrics and textures that we can convert into a cover is a little adventure. Usually these fabrics will be more expensive and also may be harder to cut and sew, putting some extra effort when manufacturing it. Then we have to take the time to photograph it (either as a stand alone or in action), post it and promote it, some times for a single sale. This is the reason why getting a OOAK Cover or Limited Edition Cover will make it more expensive.

I want a cover that is one on the reference images

If the cover on any of the reference images is a Limited Edition or OOAK Cover and it's not listed on the corresponding products categories then it's not available any longer. However we'll keep on making new and unique covers so stay tuned so you don't miss them. New products will be always posted on our Facebook page.

Even though my camera and screen are accurately calibrated, all other screens display colors differently so actual colors of the covers might differ from the colors displayed on screen.

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